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El agua es vida.  Matthew believes that the districts' water should be protected at all costs.  He adamantly opposes the Renewable Water Resources plan to export water from the San Luis Valley and send it to Douglas County. He also wants to ensure that the citizens in this district always have clean drinking water for their homes.

He believes that quality healthcare is a right of every citizen.  We must improve access and affordability to ensure that no person or family should choose between putting food on the table and going to the doctor.  Matthew believes in single payer and vows to support community health centers and hospitals throughout the district. 

Economic Development
Rural Colorado has experienced hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Matthew believes that we need to invest in our rural economies so the economic benefit can be shared outside of Denver.  Broadband, infrastructure are critical. I believe in improving primary jobs and paying employees a living wage.  Matthew also supports unionization and a true living wage.

Our Veterans have fought for this country abroad and are now fighting for their rights at home.  Matthew will increase state support for mental health to combat Veteran suicide.  He will improve accessibility to resources, especially in rural areas and to improve employment opportunities.  

An investment in our children is an investment in our future! We need to invest in K-12 education, pay our teachers what they deserve to set this state's future up for success.  Expanding higher education and vocational programs is a must to grow and retain our best and brightest.

Collective Bargaining
Matthew fully supports collective bargaining and he stands with unions in the district and all across Colorado.  He will fight "right to work" legislation and fight for workers.

Matthew believes in climate change and believes we need action to prevent any further damage. He support renewable energy developments in the district; specifically wind and solar.  He believes that Colorado should be paving the way for clean, renewable, energy independence for the nation.


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